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Welcome to Island of Krk - the largest island in Croatia

Island of Krk Croatia - Krk TownWould you like nothing but the best? Then choose the Island of Krk as your holiday spot, because Krk Island has a number of superlatives:

  • the biggest island of the Adriatic
  • the northern most island of the Adriatic
  • the most accessible island of the Adriatic
  • the most diverse island of the Adriatic
  • the most visited island of the Adriatic

Occupying the area of 406 km² and the perimeter of 190 km of an indented coast, Island of Krk is the biggest island of the Adriatic Sea

So easily accessible...

The location of the Krk Island at the northern most part of the Adriatic makes it the "first" and the closest island for all visitors who come from the continental part of Europe in search for the Mediterranean atmosphere.

In the 1980s, the extremely convenient location of Krk Island was helped by the addition of a strategic structure: a mile long Krk Bridge which connects the Island Krk to the mainland.

As an easily accessible island with the international airport, Krk will certainly be an excellent choice for all tourists in search of escape from crowdedness, busyness and stress of the big cities.

Krk Island - Punat bay and islet of Kosljun

What can Krk offer to its guests?

The Island of Krk is a diverse island that offers variety of attractions and experiences, whether you like the culture, the nature or the upbeat tourist places: a thousand years old towns, small rural villages, well equipped city beaches, secluded swimming bays, lively bars and clubs and small and quiet restaurants and caffe bars.

Island of Krk is also a perfect place to learn about the heritage of Croatia. We recommend a visit to Krk island towns of Baska, Vrbnik, Punat, Malinska, Njivice, Omisalj, Silo and Krk City or enjoy peace and quiet of Krk rural areas in places such as Brzac village.

Taking into consideration these advantages of the Krk Island, it is completely understandable that numerous tourists choose it as their holiday spot. Tourism-wise, Krk has very skilfully noticed the tourist market trends and adjusted to them quickly by responding with new offers and events to meet the tourist demands.

Malinska Riviera

Where to stay

Today, the Island of Krk attracts over half a milion visitors who make up over three milion overnight stays.

The accommodation possibilities on the Island of Krk are very diverse: big hotels, smaller family hotels and boards, private accommodation in rooms and apartments, and camps.

Accommodation capacities on the Krk island are generally in the most beautiful spots of individual towns - hotels and campsites are by the sea and in the shade of rich pine trees.

Private rooms and apartments are also of quality: it is accommodation in newer family houses whose owners try to furnish the rooms and apartments so that they can be seen as good hosts who know how to welcome their guests and ensure a pleasant stay for each one of them.

In this type of accommodation, the pleasure is truly complete: a view of the crystal clear sea, a short walk to the beach, enjoying in swimming, snorkling and sunbathing, and after that, refreshment in the Krk restaurant, caffee bar or ice cream parlour.

And finally...

...we can guarantee one thing: if you choose Krk Island as your holiday destination, regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, you will have some wonderful moments and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

What to do when on Krk

  • City of Krk, with its two thousand years old walls (the third largest walls in Croatia), Frankopan castle from 13th century, old City Hall from 16th century and Krk Cathedral whose tower dominates the city
  • Biserujka cave located on the north east part of island close to Silo
  • Picturesque islet of Kosljun with a museum within the monastery located on islet
  • Church and monastery in Glavotok, a small settlement on the western tip of Krk Island
  • Town of Omisalj, with a history dating from 3rd century, and perched on the cliff above the sea
  • Town of Vrbnik, another cliff-top town surrounded by fertile vineyards used in production of a quality wine Zlahtina
  • Small and quiet harbour Voz with a panoramic view of Krk Bridge
Eat in...
  • Konoba Nada in Vrbnik, one of 100 leading Croatian restaurants, which offers Mediterranean cuisine as well as wine and cheese tasting events
  • Konoba Pud Brest in the village of Milohnici, which offers a great pork steaks in wine as well as fresh fish
  • Konoba, restaurant and pizza place Galija located in one of the small curved streets in the City of Krk offers variety of meat, pasta and fish dishes as well as a selection of pizzas
  • Restaurant Frankopan located in Krk town on the square just below the tower of Krk's cathedral
  • Restaurant Valbiska, open 24 hours, in the ferry port of Valbiska - the place is well known on its pizza and pasta dishes and also has great cakes
  • Restaurant of the hotel Kanajt in Punat - try octopus baked in a dish burried in charcoal or one of their excellent meat dishes
  • Konoba Tri Maruna, in Poljica village, about 10 minutes drive from Malinska or Krk town. This is an authentic, traditional and original "konoba" which has no menu and instead the menu offered is by owner's recommendation of the day. Fresh food and fruit from owner's own garden.
  • Konoba Bracera, located in Malinska and serving the original Krk specialties prepared according to old recipes, accompanied by homemade bread. Fresh fish is highly recommended.
  • Numerous small restaurants alongside waterfront in the city of Krk as well as in towns of Malinska and Baska
Nightlife on Krk...
  • Nightclub Boa in Malinska - open daily from 23:00 to 5:00
  • Cocktail bar Volsonis in Krk City, located within the old city walls offers a special atmosphere to its visitors
  • Club/Bar Casa Del Padrone located on the Krk City Quay right at the waterfront has nightly resident DJ and thematic nights with go-go girls
  • Evening manifestations, village fiestas and concerts are held throughout the island in the summer season

Island of Krk Panorama

Below are brilliant interactive panoramas of the island of Krk courtesy of Krk Town tourist board.

Click here or click on the image to see panoramas.

Krk panorama


KrkThe ISLAND OF KRK is the most northern and one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea, situated in the Kvarner Bay, east of Istrian peninsula.


The Island of Krk covers an area of 405.78 sq km. It is surrounded by several islets, namely the islet of St Mark (Sv. Marko) in the north, the islets of Plavnik, Kormat and Košljun in the southwest, and the islets of Prvić, Galun and Zec in the southeast. The most significant among them is the islet of Košljun, a natural and cultural phenomenon.


The island of Krk belongs to the Primorsko-goranska County and is divided into the City of Krk and six municipalities: Punat, Baska, Dobrinj, Malinska, Omišalj and Vrbnik. The population of the island is 19,286 inhabitants.

Traffic Connections

We can freely say that the Island of Krk is the most accessible Croatian island. You can reach the island by car, by bus, by boat and by plane, and the nearest railway station is in Rijeka (56 km). Since 1980 the island of Krk has been connected with the mainland by a bridge. There are ferry connections from the island of Krk to the islands of Cres and Rab (operating June thru September).

The Rijeka Airport is located in the vicinity of Omišalj on the island of Krk and connects our island with numerous European cities.


The area is characterized by karst relief with interesting karst formations: caves (Biserujka Cave near Dobrinj), sinkholes and cracks. There are fertile fields in the central part of the island. The coast of Krk is very indented - there are numerous bays, coves and pebble beaches.


The Island of Krk is situated in the area characterized by a moderate and mild climate. The average summer air temperature is 26°C. During July and August, on average over 25 days will have maximum temperature of over 25°C out of which there could be 10 days with daily high temperature of over 30°C. Even in June there could be 15 days with daily high of over 25°C and equally nice is September with approximately 10 days with daily high temperature of over 25°C. The average sea temperature from June to September reaches above 23°C.

The most common winds are: a northeastern wind locally called bura, the sirocco (locally called jugo), and a landward sea breeze locally known as maestral. The island of Krk is also one of the sunniest parts of Europe with 2500 sunny hours per year.

Flora and fauna

The relief diversity and favorable climatic conditions have resulted in the development of more than 1300 various plant species. The central and western parts of the island are characterized by forests, cultivated Mediterranean fruit and vegetable cultures, vineyards and olive orchards.

The northern and southern parts of the island, on the other hand, are characterized by pastures and arid rocky areas.

What makes the Krk landscape distinct are the terraced drywalls (gromače) and shepherd's sheep pens (pastirski mrgari), preserved on karst meadows above the Baška plateau.


The environment protection measures are being conducted continuously and systematically. To confirm this, there are numerous blue flags fluttering on the Island of Krk beaches: in the city of Krk, Baška, Malinska, Nivice, Omišalj and the Punat Marina.

For almost 13 years now, the sea and coastal environment protection program, the Blue Flag Program (for beaches and marinas), has been successfully implemented in Europe. The holder and the international program manager is the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEEE) established in 1981 at the European Council. More than 20 countries, which consider tourism one of their strategic goals, are now involved in the program.

The Blue Flag symbolizes a preserved, safe and pleasant environment intended for vacation, entertainment and recreation, a well-defined coastal zone management system and sustainable tourism development. Being awarded the Blue Flag means excellent tourism promotion for a beach or a marina based on a high level of service quality, the cleanness of the sea and the coastal area, and the equipment and amenities provided on the beach.

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