Boat Trips and Cruises


Krk Croatia panoramic cruise

You will experience the enjoyment of the sun and the sea on a half-day cruise that includes swimming in one of the nearby coves.

The excursion takes four hours, and we will be sailing along the coast of the island of Krk. You will be able to find refreshment in the sea in a magnificent lagoon.

Coffee and pastry will be served on the boat.

Price: 150 Kn (approx. €20)

Included in the excursion price:
  • Coffee and croissant
  • Feeding the seagulls
  • from the port of Krk in front of the Hotel Marina at 2:00 p.m.

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Trawl fishing - Croatia Krk Island

A unique experience of night fishing with a dinner in a memorable fishing ambiance with dishes made from the freshly caught fish.

You will learn about fishing and fishing nets in a hot summer night under a starry sky. During the fishing, we will offer you a seafood entree with homemade fig brandy.

We will then sort the fish together and show you how the fish is prepared. A dinner from the fish just caught follows.

Price: 360 Kn (approx. €50)

Included in the excursion price:
  • aperitif
  • small fish starter
  • dinner with freshly caught fish, salad, side dish, tour, wine, water, tour
  • from the port of Krk in front of the Hotel Marina at 6:30 p.m.

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Boat trip to Goli Otok

The beauty of the sea, the power of the sun, and the whiteness of the stone are today's advantages of what used to be the Croatian Alcatraz. Its name "Goli Otok" means "Bare island" and this says it all!

Sail with us to the Goli Otok Island and become a ‘prisoner’ for one day.

Price: On request

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