Krk Fair (8th - 10th August)

Island Krk Fair - CroatiaKrk Fair is a three-day open-air manifestation with a rich programme that attracts over 60 thousands visitors every year.

Dating back to 1524, and being held with some interruptions ever since, the Krk Fair was originally a trade fair with merchants arriving from all over the Europe. At these far-away times, large ships sailed into Krk harbour full of goods from around the world.

In the modern times Krk Fair has became a tourist attraction, traditionally held every August on the day of St. Lawrence. Wide range of products that will be exhibited on more than 200 stalls are locally made and aimed mainly at tourists and visitors. The rest of the Krk Fair programme offers open air concerts on not less than four stages throughout the town. Medieval costumes and role-play of medieval times, treasure hunt boat excursion and other events complete the fair.

Past Program

8th August
  • Kamplin Square - Medieval fair
  • The main pier - Pirates nests with music band L'Amour
  • The Quay - Fair opening ceremony followed by music programe and midnight rock concert
9th August
  • Kamplin Square - Medieval fair
  • The Quay - Krk dance association followed by Music tramuntana Party and Le Monde band
10th August
  • Kamplin Square - Medieval fair
  • The Quay - Krk town brass band and dance performance, followed by Fortunal band
  • The Quay at 23:30 - The naval battle followed by fireworks and Koktelsi band afterwards

There will also be Treasure Hunt boat excursions every day during the Fair.

Krk Fair videos

Enjoy the video from fair held in the past and we hope to see you this year!