Panoráma hajóval és delfinek

További részletek erről a hír megtalálható az angol nyelvű változata ezt az oldalt.


Dear Miss Svjetlana Volaric,

On behalf of our „team” I would like to say thank you very much for the ship excursion which made for us our trip a bigger experience and fun!!!! The boat was beatiful, your crew (Dragan and Daria) were really cool people and the trip with those birds and swimming in one of the bays of Plavnik were amazing! :-) I think we shall visit again in the future the Otok Krk and its people! Thank you!

Best regards, Zoltán Kováts


Dear Svjetlana, we are already one week back from Krk, but we still think back on our boat trip. It was really perfect and I’d like to thank you and as well whole crew – they were professional and pleasant. Give many thanks to them, please.

Best regards Jan


Ship Lenica - Panoramic cruise Krk Croatia
Boat Lenica docking
Vertical clifs of island Plavnik off Krk island
Island Plavnik coastline
Dolphins - off Krk island Croatia
Dolphin swimming close to ship
Dolphin jump - Adriatic sea, Croatia
Dolphin jump - between Cres island and Plavnik, Croatia
Dolphins, northen Adriatic, Croatia
Seagull colony, northen Adriatic, Croatia
Seagull viewed from the Lenica ship
Two seagulls in flight, Kormat island, off Krk Island, Croatia
Quiet bay where we stopped for swimming, Krk coastline
Return to Krk town