Malinska on the map of Krk. Malinska, together with 19 smaller settlements, shapes the Dubasnica area which is located on the western part of the island of Krk and which is probably the tamest part of the island, wholly protected from winds, which is also in the name Sotovento – leeward.

Because of the tameness of the landscape and numerous smaller settlements, one can talk about a one of a kind Malinska Riviera since the wooded coast curves endlessly and is populated by people who make their living exclusively from tourism these days.

Malinska became significant during the 18th century when the port, which became one of the most important exporting ports on the island, was built. The first houses by the port were built in 1788.

The turning point in the development of the town was the arrival of a steamboat which docked in Malinska in 1866. It was the first ever arrival of a steamboat on the island of Krk! It was a steam boat which sailed from Rijeka to Trieste. But the real guests were on the steamboats after 1880. At the beginning, they were tourists vacationing in Opatija.

After the natural beauties of the spot were discovered, it was established that Malinska had conditions for development of treatment tourism. Because of that, the Austrian crown prince Rudolf visited Malinska in 1885. His visit had a strong promotional impact, so much so that at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to numerous visitors from the monarchy, the Vienna press called Malinska the pearl of the Kvarner islands. Along the entire Malinska Riviera, there are beaches and little bays with diverse content for a good time at sea.

Apartment Adrijana, Malinska Today’s tourism in Malinska is a continuation of the tradition from the beginning of the 20th century and Malinska offers accommodation in Malinska hotels, villas with pool as well as there is a large choice of accommodation in private apartments in Malinska.

The lovers of good food will find everything that classical Mediterranean cuisine has to offer, excellent local pasta and unbeatable sea food.

What will attract you to Malinska is most likely the indentedness of its very tame coast, nice beaches, the quiet and relaxation in top quality apartments, as well as the stay in family-owned hotels, which are a kind of a trademark of Malinska.

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