Punat on the map of Krk. Punat is a small town with 1,800 inhabitants, located on the southern coast of the island of Krk. The view of the town, whether it is approached from the sea or land, is unusual: the town is hedged in by the coast with an extremely deep bay called Puntarska draga, where a miniature island of Kosljun is located, along with a Franciscan monastery. Unreal beauty!

The beginnings of tourism life in Punat are related to this unusual beauty. It began in the 19th century, when the Franciscan monastery in Kosljun was visited by the empress Karolina, the widow of the Austrian emperor Ferdinand I, as well as Maksimilijan Ferdinand, the younger brother of the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph, Romanian king Karol I, and many other seen and less seen inquisitives. The small island of Kosljun is a precious oasis which guards the cultural and natural heritage and it is no wonder that today there are numerous people coming to visit. Kosljun can be reached solely on a boat which sails per request and need.

Punat is a small tourist town which above all offers an escape from busyness, stress, and noise. Punat is very charming, with its small narrow streets which lead to typical seaside houses with arched doorways and taverns. Punat is very proud of its olive tradition. Today, almost every family in Punat has its own olive grove and makes its own high quality olive oil. Every visitor who comes to Punat will find this easy to believe, since the access road to Punat is going through a corridor of perfect looking olive groves.

Sailors will feel especially welcome in Punat since there is the biggest and the oldest marina on the Adriatic is located here, and it can accommodate around 1,200 vessels. Right next to Punat marina, 50 meters from the sea, hotel Kanajt is located. It is an ideal meeting place of sailors and sea and active holiday lovers.

Punat will gladly accept any other guest in hotels, camps and apartments and rooms in family houses. Affordable and cheaper accommodation can be found in Guesthouse "Sunce".

For an eventful vacation in Punat, we can offer daily trips to nearby islands. There is also diving and walking or trekking along paths in the outback of Punat. Punat bay is ideal for sea sports, a water ski centre and wakeboard ski lift Krk will thrill even the most demanding guests.

Serenity, recreation, and spiritual invigoration in Kosljun are the advantages of Punat with which it attracts visitors. Those who respond never stop coming!

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