Vrbnik on the map of Krk. Vrbnik is a town like you’ve never seen before. When you enter its nest of old houses and start exploring the curvy direction of its narrow streets, you will be transported hundreds of years back in time without being aware of it at all.

You don’t need to know anything about the history of Croatia and the island of Krk, but as soon as you come to Vrbnik, you will realise that it uncovers itself for you at every step. You will feel the tradition, the hard way of life, the connection of man and nature because here the life depends on the vineyards which feed the town. Vrbnik gratefully comes alive when the year is fruitful and humbly goes through a less fruitful year.

In Vrbnik valley, on an area of a little over 100 hectares, there are over 120 wagons of zlahtina grapes produced which are then made into a famous dry white wine, champagne and distillates. Vrbnicka zlahtina is a known indigenous sort of the island of Krk specific for only growing in Vrbnik valley.

This grape sort was intruduced to Krk at the end of 19th century, and to Vrbnik valley between the two world wars. The name of the wine, zlahtina, comes from the adjective zlahten, which in Slavic means noble. The wine ranges from light yellow to straw yellow colour, its aroma is gentle and its taste is fine and specific. Zlahtina goes best with sheep cheese, all types of fish and sea food.

The humble way of life of Vrbnik inhabitants initially did not make Vrbnik an especially attractive place for tourism, but it has shaped it as a day trip destination where every visitor of the island of Krk has to come in order to taste zlahtina along with other gastronomy specialties of the island.

When in Vrbnik, you must not miss a visit to Konoba Nada, a restaurant and cellar bar at the edge of the old town facing the sea with a beautiful panoramic view on towns of Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski on the mainland. The restaurant is one of leading Croatian restaurants and has been awarded a number of awards. Or if you wish for something lighter than a full meal, then wine cellar Nada should be your choice - its offer of tasting Zlahtina wine, smoked ham, sheep cheese and salted fish is one of unmissable experiences.

Vrbnik can offer its visitors accommodation in private rooms and family house apartments.

Let these specificities bring you to Vrbnik! Make sure you visit because there is excellent wine and good food, you can take a walk through this unusual hill-top town and get to know island culture and tradition. And at the end, don’t forget to go through the narrowest street in the world, only 50 cm (20 in) wide. Its name is Klancic.

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